Hegner 18" Scroll Saw

For Sale
P. Michael Henderson

I inherited this Hegner Scroll Saw a while back.  While I'm a woodworker, I already have a scroll saw - A 26" RBI Hawk - and don't need this one.  A mutual friend gave me John Howe's phone number and I called him about selling the Hegner.  He agreed to put a note in the Scroll Saw Newsletter with a pointer to this page.

I don't know what the Hegner is worth - but I have over $100 in parts that I put into it to get it fully working.  I'll accept offers on the saw - but don't try to lowball me.  Make me an offer for what you think it's worth.  You can contact me at mike@mikes-woodwork.com or by phone or text at 714-402-8760.

Also note that the saw is heavy and you have to pick it up.

Here are some pictures of the saw and the stand.  If there's something you'd like a picture of, let me know and I'll add that picture.

A couple of pictures of the whole saw - one side and then the other.

Some closer shots.  One side...

And then the other.

Front view.

Some of the parts I purchased.  The blade clamps for different thickness blades.  One of the 1mm clamps is on the bottom of the blade installed in the unit now.

A "universal" clamp with a large knob to tighten the clamp onto the blade.

New bellows.  The old one was cracked.

It comes with a foot control.

And here's the data plate.

It's a good unit. I used it a little bit and it seems to work well.  Any questions, comments, etc. please contact me at the email or phone above.